Demo Services

Our biggest package is our "Full Band" package.  It includes drums,
bass, keyboards (piano, organ, strings, pads, needed),
acoustic guitars and electric guitars, lead vocal and background
vocals.  It also includes a mixed copy of your song, and a music bed
of your song in case you want to re-sing the song in the future using
The MagicShack or any other studio you wish to use. This can be
helpful when a re-write is done after your demo is completed, or you
want a different singer later on for a different feel on the song.  
This package is $4
50.00 and can be ordered in our shopping area.  
Additional instruments such as Steel guitar, fiddle, mandolin, etc...
can be added for a fee of $50.00 per song, per instrument.

Our next package, is good for singer/songwriters who have either a
studio themselves, or access to one they prefer.  At this point you
can have a singer you like in your area sing over our tracks we cut
here. The instrumentation is still the same as the "Full Band"
package, but you can have a choice of having either a mixed music
bed of your song, or .wav files of your song to have the ability to mix
the songs yourself after you are finished.  This package, called the
"MagicShack Tracks" package, is only $3

Next we have our "Acoustic Demo" package.  This is a very simple
demo done with an acoustic guitar, acoustic lead guitar, and vocals.  
Some songs just need a good vocal to pull out the song, and give
producers the chance to hear bigger production ideas for
themselves.  This package is only $200.00.

Also, we give $50 off each additional demo you order at one time, so
ordering more saves you money! Look in our shop section to see the
MagicShack Demo Services
If you have lyrics, but no music, we will put your song to music and
arrange it for you for a fee of $100.00

We can also add a single instrument/vocal, or multiple
to your pre-recorded track for $65.00  per instrument or $125.00  
per vocal.

The MagicShack hourly studio fee is $40 for anything not covered
in the demo package i.e. re-mixing, separate mixes...etc.

You can also order a backup DVD disc of all of the WAV files from
your session for $25.00

ALL MagicShack Packages include mixing your song. We will
initially send out a high quality mp3 after mixing for your approval,
then after your happy with your mix, we will send a hard copy CD
to you in the mail with your song and backing track on it if you
wish. We always send out high quality mp3s if you just wish to burn
your own from your computer. Additional mixes, or re-mixes after
the initial satisfied mix are then based on an hourly fee or $40 per

**Please note that $75 is the allotted amount of money for a
singer. Some singers will charge more. You will be notified and the
balance will be added to your bill if you should choose to use that